Below are answers to some common questions. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out.

My heart hurts for people that use those all-in-one WordPress themes and then try to optimize their website for conversion or search engine optimization.

They slowly learn and realize that their theme that has every feature is actually keeping them from their end goal.

MVPWP was created for this reason. Instead of creating WordPress themes with every feature known to man, we have gone to the ala carte approach or the build only what you need. This gives you complete control of your theme, the functionality, and keeps your website lean and well optimized.

If you look at all the popular websites on the internet you will notice a lot of similarities! The only changes are really the CSS styles and branding. MVPWP pulls all the popular layouts and functionality you see on the web and packages them in block, patterns, and plugins.

You can now build exactly what you need!

What people don't realize when they are adding plugins to their WordPress themes is they are also adding more styles, code, HTTP request, etc. to their theme which in-turn slows down their website! But don't worry you can install even more plugins to solve these issues...

What you learn after building premium themes and sites for clients is you end up copying or writing the same code over and over. Why recreate the wheel?

MVPWP starts you out with a minimal starter theme and lets you pick what you want to add to the theme. Unlike other themes that assume you need certain functionality.

Anyone can use MVPWP, but WordPress developers will get the most out of the site. Each block or plugin has a documentation video that goes over how to integrate the code into the starter theme.

Developers will enjoy the different Gulp tasks that minify the Sass and JS files, help with coding errors, zip your finished theme package for production, install Bower components, and much more.

It sure helps! Although, you can probably get by with copy and paste the code and watching the documentation videos.

MVPWP is really meant for developers. If you are wanting to customize and create a unique theme you really need to know a bit of PHP and HTML/CSS.

If you are new to WordPress theme development and want to learn how to create WordPress themes from the ground up, I recommend checking out my premium course over at BootstrapWP.

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